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The current Board was elected for two years in May 2016


# President


Christophe Depreter - President of GESAC

Mr. Depreter is the CEO of Belgian authors' society Sabam.



# Vice-Presidents


Robert Ashcroft - Vice-President

Mr. Ashcroft is the CEO of British authors' society PRS.




Anders Lassen - Vice-President

Mr. Lassen is the CEO of Danish authors' society Koda




Jean-Noël Tronc - Vice-President

Mr. Tronc is the CEO of French authors' society Sacem.


# Board Members


Gernot Graninger - Board member

Dr. Graninger is the CEO of Austrian authors' society AKM.




Harald Heker - Board member

Dr. Heker is the CEO of German authors' society GEMA.




Jose Jorge Letria - Board member

Mr. Letria is the President and CEO of Portuguese authors' society SPAutores.




Janine Lorente - Board member

Mrs. Lorente is the Deputy General Director of Spanish authors' society SGAE and is set to replace Mr. Enrique Gomez soon, the current CEO of the society.




Andras Szinger - Board member

Mr. Szinger is the CEO of Hungarian authors' society Artisjus.